About – Gaon Ki Haat

Haat markets were the power of rural producers in ancient times whether it may be a farmer, carpenter, blacksmith, potter or anyone. As we know, Haat markets were organized on a specific time, on specific location and huge number of buyers and sellers would gather there, and the exchange of the commodities would take place.

Today, we are living in the most powerful time of our entire humanity, the resources we have today are arguably the ones never seen before in our entire generations but still with all these very powerful resources, when we observe and compare today’s artforms with our ancient artforms, we can easily feel a huge gap between the skill sets of our artists.

Actually as the time progressed, Haat markets started losing their fame and with that the rural producers their power. They had to start searching for alternate sources for their livelihood, and hence over the period of time, the quality of the skills of our artisans started declining.

GaonkiHaat is not just a platform for empowering our rural artisans by providing them the much needed exposure to the rural or urban markets, but it is also an effort to conserve our ancient skills and artforms of handicrafts which are on the verge of extinction.

We are also very much focused to promote and empower women in our rural and semi-urban areas with this initiative. We are running various skills programs in collaboration with our government and various organizations for our rural women and providing them a powerful platform where they can express their work and skills on a national level. This initiative will not only aid in achieving financial independency in rural areas but also will aid in overall development of our society and nation.

So, Let us all join hand-in-hand and celebrate the spirit, skill and craft of our Indian artists and Rural women because with every item purchased will not only fuel their income and bring joy to their families and communities but also help our handicraft sector thrive.

This is a real ‘Made in India’ and ‘Made for India’ initiative!