What do we do?

Gaon Ki Haat Project is conceptualized to create avenues for the rural and semi-urban women to become self-reliant and also progress towards a healthy eco-friendly lifestyle. We initiatives like Mini Manufacturing Unit for Sanitary Napkin Units, LED Bulb units and clothes manufacturing units has been created by the Rural women of Uva Jagriti Sansthan. We help women to become financially strong. In this project we are providing swing training to rural women and tailoring jobs afterwards so that they can earn by themselves.

We believe that empowering women is to give women the right. Women can have equal right to participate in education, society, economy and politically. Women can involve in society as they are glad to choose their religious, language, work and other activities. Women are allowed higher education as men. They can go with the high-level of education, finish their classes, learn the skill and study whatever they want. Women also can join the politically as they have right to vote and do some activities in political.

Women who attend the sewing program with us are really empowered. We empower them through giving them skill and teach them life skill lessons. They have learnt a lot from us for 10 months. All of them are from very poor family. Some of them are not empowered by their family or husband due they always claim that women are better not to study more or work outside their home. But they still fight and join us this program. As the result of Empowering by us, those women are really change in their life. They can earn more money to support their family, they can get a happiness in their family as they don’t have domestic violence and they have learnt other lessons related to their living. These women can stitch beautiful clothes just like professional tailors.

We make sure that our customer gets the best product with amazing fabrics and good colour combinations.